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TENS l EMS Electrodes

  • Innopatch™ is the recognized stimulating electrode. This Smart electrode is well-designed to provide the most advanced distribution system. The reusable and easy handling electrode offers the special experience in stimulation and comfort.
  • Excellent performance
  • Innopatch™ electrodes are very flexible and adhere comfortably to the skin providing optimal conductivity. The excellent performance of unique electrode is delivered to patients during the treatment.
  • Sticky Hydrogel
  • Innopatch™ electrodes hydrogel offers the adhesion, sensitivity to meet the needs of patients.
  • Diversity
  • Innopatch™ electrodes is distributed in various designes. The Shape, Color, material of it can be chosen by patients preference.
Innopatch™ Premium Elite Innopatch™ Economy
ST50S 50 Square ECOC50S 50 Square
ST50R 50 Round ECOC50R 50 Round
ST90RT 90 x 50 Rectangle ECOC90RT 90 x 50 Rectangle
ST75R 75 Round ECOC75R 75 Round
ST30R 30 Round ECOC30R 30 Round

Innopatch™ Premium Elite TENS Electrodes

Silver Film for high conductivity and more even dispersion. Leadwire with Lug for sturdy construction and more even current dispersion. Hydrogel : High-quality gel for maximum reuseability (~20 uses) Low impedance (3 ohms) Tricot backing material for moisture resistance and better flexibility

Premium Elite TENS Electrodes are made with quality patent pending poly carbon film, allowing for lower impedance and more even dispersion of the current across the electrode surface. features easy litf tab for electrode removal that prevents the gel from smudging.

Easy Lift Tab

Competitor "A"

  • liner
  • skin

Premium Elite

  • liner
  • skin

  • No stinging when peeling off!
    Gel stays sticky longer Easy Lift Tab prevents gel smudging

Innopatch™ Economy TENS Electrodes

High Quality, best price
Highly Conductive Carbon Film (less than 50ohm)
Strong tacky adhesive Cloth and foam backing availability.
Reusable(Economy : 15 times guarantee) Various sizes available

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